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Exploration into the essence of Yoga med Noah & Nina

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Exploration into the essence of Yoga med Noah & Nina

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26. sep. 2020, 10:00 – 27. sep. 2020, 14:00
Pranahuset Yoga & Pilates AS, Otto Sverdrups vei 9, 1337 Sandvika, Norge

Om eventen

Exploration into the essence of Yoga 

  • An inspirational workshop for yoga enthusiasts
  • What is the essence of yoga?
  • Why is it so powerful?

This two-day workshop will explore the deeper meaning of Yoga. 

Day 1: The essence of Yoga (4 hours) 

Yoga is not merely something we do as a physical exercise. Nor is it just an esoteric philosophy to be studied. Yoga is in fact a refined Intelligence and a state of deep connectedness. 

In this workshop you will be given a direct experience of this profound awareness and learn how to recognize and distinguish it from ordinary thinking, mindfulness, and relaxation. 

Using the subtler aspects of yogic science, participants will be introduced to 3 powerful means of unfolding this genuine state of yoga, so that it may transform and inspire your life: 

  • Satsang – Integral to the unfoldment of deeper Awareness, satsang is an inquiry and exploration into what is essential and meaningful in life. It is through challenging and refining the understanding that we set the ground for true inner transformation. 
  • Pranayama (breath awareness): Incorporating the use of mudras and sound, we use a subtle, profound approach to yogic breathing to settle the praan and invite the mind into a deep state of stillness. 
  • Meditation – it is in the depth of meditation, when all the aspects of body, breath and mind are refined that one truly comes to recognize the freedom and ease that already exists within you. 

Day 2: Living the Practice (4 hours) 

  • Taking yoga off the mat and into daily life.
  • Life presents us with challenges. Yogic Awareness gives us the flexibility and stability to flow through life with openness and grace. 
  • This workshop focuses on practical ways to invite and incorporate yogic awareness into your life. 
  • Participants will be given time to question and explore which approach works best for them.  

Noah and Shuchita har flere tiår med veiledning fra en opplyst Guru i Himalaya. Begge har undervist i yoga og meditasjon gjennom mange år. Noah har videre utviklet en enkel og raffinert tilnærming til pranayam (bevissthet om pust). Shuchita er fysioterapeut med mange års erfaring i behandling av folk med kronisk smerte. 

For nærmere informasjon om Noah og Shuchita se HER


Full workshop: Kr.1000,- 

Half workshop: kr. 550,-

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  • Workshop 2 dager
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