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Heldags WorkShop med Vincent Bolletta

Vincent Bolletta has spent his yoga journey exploring the many styles of yoga, searching for the essence of the yoga practice and how it applies to the functional lives of everyday practitioners.
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Heldags WorkShop med Vincent Bolletta

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30. aug. 2019, 10:00 – 16:00
Pranahuset Yoga & Pilates AS, Otto Sverdrups vei 9, 1337 Sandvika, Norge

Om eventen

Lower back care workshop:

The workshop is aimed at supporting students in improving functional movement patterns within the parameters of a functional performance. We will specifically be targeting the lower spine, a common issue that is intrinsic to everyday movement and certain performance activities that we undertake. We will begin to de-reconstruct the spines movement anatomy to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of movement and learn techniques to maintain function and prevent lower spinal injuries.

Students will also learn to "body read" and assess general posture to further expand their understanding of movement. Rehabilitation exercises, bodywork and massage techniques will be taught to support and avoid lumbar dysfunction as well as increasing the mind body relationship. This workshop is specifically been designed to assist movement practitioners, yoga students, dancers, physical theatre artist and anybody the uses their body in a creative way.

What you will learn:

- You will understand the basic lower lumbar spinal structure and the supporting systems that maintain longevity and vitality.

- Learn about the "core" and its relationship to spinal health, movement and poise.

- Start to understand the scientific aspects to body movement.

- Students will also learn how to “body read” a process that assesses the mover and their habitual patterns.

Develop a greater hands on appreciation of the human body by learning neuromuscular massage techniques that support and rehabilitate lower back problems.

Hañsa Therapeutic Flow class:

is about functionality and its relationship to form, this brings to life a greater creative potential that assists individual self management any lower spinal issues and on a physical and emotional level.

Hañsa Therapeutic Flow® is a system that encourages optimal exploration of movement that is safe, considered and intelligent.


Vincent Bolletta has spent his yoga journey exploring the many styles of yoga, searching for the essence of the yoga practice and how it applies to the functional lives of everyday practitioners.

Vincent has been teaching and practicing yoga since 1990 and has been involved with the health and wellness industry even longer. This has lead him to becoming New Zealand’s foremost yoga instructor and teacher trainer with a wealth of knowledge in biomechanics, yoga therapy, movement therapy and postural analysis.

Vincent encompasses in his teaching private sessions, general classes and yoga retreats. He has also worked along side with some of New Zealand's top athletes. He spent 16 years as a presenter, educator and yoga coach for Les Mills. With 26 years teaching and practice experience Vincent now regularly travels internationally to Europe, USA, and Asia to teach and deliver the “Art of Yoga” He is a co-founder of the Centre for Contemporary Yoga Studies, a place of yoga teacher training based in Auckland, New Zealand where 200 and 500 hours Yoga Teacher Training programmes are delivered.

Vincent is also the founder of Hañsa Yoga a unique style that integrates eastern and western thought and methodologies to the practice of yoga.


kl.10.00-13.00. 3 timers workshop

kl.13.00-14.00 Spise pause

kl.14.00-16.00 Ledet klasse i Hañsa Yoga flow


kr. 690,- for 1. del og

kr. 500,- for 2.del

kr. 1000,- (pakkepris)

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